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It is in the presenter’s interest to lodge abstracts or poster drafts as soon as possible, as abstracts and poster presentations are considered and usually confirmed every week till the final submission date. An early official confirmation from the combined IIFAS and UGM-UII committee will allow delegates to book travel arrangements as well as apply for possible funding from their home institution or other sponsors. For registration details click here.

Abstract Submission

For easy processing by the evaluation team it is suggested to provide your name as the file name of the attachment. The abstract can be a proposed research, a research project in progress, a completed research or a general finding of an interesting observation . The length is suggested to be between 200 and maximum 500 words or about 2/3 of a A4 page. Underneath the abstract please note your short CV which contains your title (Prof, Dr, Master, Bachelor, PhD / Master Candidate, Student, etc.), current affiliation (institute, university, organisation, or status), your final level of education and scholarly interests. The length of the CV doesn’t require to be more than a 1/3 of a page. All can be fitted on a one page MSword file. 

Poster Proposal

The poster proposal is similar to the abstract submission. The proposal is an approximately 200 word narrative of your poster idea (draft) of a proposed research, a research project in progress, completed research, general findings, combined with perhaps chart(s) or other interesting note. The final poster to be exhibited is usual 60cm by 90 cm in size, but can be smaller or larger with perhaps a maximum size of 1 square meter on paper, print or scanned banner.  If you have already a draft or final poster ready, please add a photo image to your one page submission application. If desired, the conference delegate can add the poster to the proceedings of the conference, with an additional 500 words synopsis.

Absentee Paper or Poster Proposal

This is especially useful for delegates who are unable to attend the conference.

Please lodge the same details as requested (above) of the Abstract Paper or Poster Proposal delegates, but note your absentee status in your submission. As soon as you have received a confirmation letter from the IIFAS-UGM-UII committee, it is advised to commence the preparations for your presentation.

Absentee presenters, who have lodged their abstract or poster proposal and have received a conference invitation are encouraged to upload a YouTube film-clip with sound approximately 10-12 minutes in length. If this is difficult due to internet speed, it is allowed to upload your PowerPoint/ image of poster, plus a separate spoken commentary (sound recording) of between 10 to 12 minutes in length before the 15th of December 2016 at  Your uploaded material will be shown at the conference. Please note your email address in the presentation for comments by delegates. The absentee delegate can expect one or more emails from the audience in relation of the screening of the presentation. A return email ought to be provided within 3-4 days.

Delegates who have successfully made an absentee presentation and wish to receive a certificate of the presentation or wish to lodge their work to be included to the proceedings are invited to do so. The full paper/ presentation ought to use the template which is provided and emailed not later than the 15th of March 2017.


Yogyakarta – useful webpage links

Yogyakarta ,also fondly known as Jogja is a provincial capital located in the heart of Java Island. It is a well-known centre of education, classical Javanese fine art and cultural activities such as batik, ballet, drama, music, poetry,and puppet shows. Because of those attractions, Jogja is known as a cultural and academic melting pot of Indonesia with many students from all over Indonesia completing their studies here. It makes Jogja rich in terms of knowledge and cultural diversity.

As one of most visited tourist destination in Indonesia, finding accommodation in Jogja is not difficult. It will not be hard to find from budget hotels or guest house to four star hotels around town. Some recommended hotels are, Grand Aston Jogja (+62274-564233) and Wisma Kagama (+62274-560142).

As a service to our delegates the 2017 conference team can arrange an optional accommodation package or post-conference Borobudur tour.  The advantage of an arrangement by our conference associates is that all accommodation will be within easy reach from the conference venue and payment easily to be arranged while being at the conference. Accommodation is offered in de-luxe, standard and specially tailored academic villa home-stays with tour pick-up right from your doorstep. Please contact Shinta at or +62 8126069 0012. More details are at the UGM and UII website.

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